I am thrilled you found your way to my website and my etcetera post.

The phenomenon of blogging has been around long enough for the word to exist in an encyclopedia. If you look it up it up you will find that the word blog is a truncation of the word weblog, which is an informal site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

“Discrete entries”. I’m not sure that fits as a description for what I will be doing here, wherefore I chose to call by blog ‘etc’.

Etc, everyone knows what that is. Etcetera; the stuff you are too tired to write out, too tired to define. Contradicting as it may seem, this is where I will write out all those things that need to be said, that I want to tell the world because I just can’t contain my excitement over it!

Right now I am excited over my website. A space to show and share what I love doing; creating!

Growing up in Sweden, it was sewing class in school that first tickled my passion for creating. I paid attention in those classes, loved it in fact. But truth be told, my mom had a sewing machine permanently placed in her studio, and it was in that room that I fell in love with colors, textures, and the design of anything imaginable. My mom let us (even my brother) use her fabrics, buttons, beads, scraps of leather, and any kind of trinket to create whatever we had dreamed up.

I am not saying that all garments and accessories I designed and created as a teenager were great, but I learned so much from the trials and errors that took place in that studio. Some of which I would never have learned from a book (don’t get me wrong, I love books).

So I love colors and fabric and different materials because of the infinite ways you can combine them to your heart’s delight.

I also like sand between my toes, a slight sunburn, and straw hats and…..

…well, I am a California wannabe, what can I say.

See you around the globe…..

-Karin Amanda